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Cricket fans punish BCCI on Twitter pitch

Call for cuttin­g-off cricke­ting ties with India after BCCI cancel­s meetin­g with PCB chief follow­ing Shiv Sena protes­t



Enraged Pakistani and Indian cricket fans took to Twitter on Monday to counter Shiv Sena’s demand that the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman’s return to Pakistan with one of their own.

Hours after Hindu right-wing party Shiv Sena activists stormed the Mumbai office of Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) ahead of Shahryar Khan’s meeting with his BCCI president Shashank Manohar, cricket fans took to Twitter to vent over the Shiva Sena attack, while urging the PCB to boycott the Indian board.

As a result of the Sena’s protests, BCCI had cancelled the meeting.

Pakistan cricket fraternity slams Shiv Sena protest

Hashtags trending in Pakistan included #BoycottBCCI, #ExtremistIndia and #ModiBehindShivSena.

Shiv Sena storms BCCI HQ to protest Indo-Pak cricket meeting

Here is what the Pakistanis had to say:

WakeUp world if this can happen with #Pakistan this can be happen with u too #ShivSena r extremist #BoycottBCCI

— Usman Ahmed (@itsusmans) October 19, 2015

Fire in the stadium.. Abusive crowd.. And now even their board isn’t safe..
India bringing disgrace to this beautiful game.

— Talha (@talha33) October 19, 2015

#BoycottBCCI #ExtremistIndia I know whole India is not stupid as Shivsina but when u let such extremist run ur country then ur all the same.

— Yusafzai (@virtualkhan) October 19, 2015

That’s a difference between Pakistani crowd and Indian crowd. #BoycottBCCI pic.twitter.com/g3xJfZhSKs”

— Sumaira Jamil (@real_sumaira) October 19, 2015

UFF!! Once again that mindless stuff by BCCI. how Bad Indian Fans


— Danish Siddique (@danishawesome) October 19, 2015

If this kind of incident would hv happened in any other country @ICC would hv banned it by now #BoycottBCCI

— Usman Ahmed (@itsusmans) October 19, 2015

India supports Terrorism, which they are introducing in sports now. @ICC #FreeKashmir #BackOffIndia #BoycottBCCI

— Sheraz Masoud Gondal (@itxSMG) October 19, 2015

We wanted peaceful series but Alas Hindu Extremists always show their ugly side to the world, #ExtremistIndia #BoycottBCCI

— Hirah Malick (@Hirahm) October 19, 2015

Dear #India u hv showen ur real face to the world today u didn’t disgraced us but urself #ShivSena #BoycottBCCI

— Usman Ahmed (@itsusmans) October 19, 2015

India should really do something about their Extremist mindset otherwise it ll be a matter of time before ICC will take action. #BoycottBCCI

— Talha (@talha33) October 19, 2015

#BoycottBCCI Indian Cricket Players have been doing the same as our Hockey Team did, Why double standards? “

— Sheraz Masoud Gondal (@itxSMG) October 19, 2015

Indians need to sort out what they actually want they should keep sports aside from their dirty and extreme politics #BoycottBCCI

— Sheraz Masoud Gondal (@itxSMG) October 19, 2015

Indians on twitter Right now #BoycottBCCI pic.twitter.com/Ojsu7RBkZw”

— Bisma Ali Khan (@BismaAliKhann) October 19, 2015

BCCI must not be boycotted ; It must be banned #BoycottBCCI #ModiBehindShivSena

— Danyal Malik (@DanyalPTI) October 19, 2015

#BoycottBCCI #ExtremistIndia, Discrimination,Racism,stupidity&extremism is repeatedly displayed by India,still India is safe & Pakistan not?

— Yusafzai (@virtualkhan) October 19, 2015

now no paki wants to play in India #shame #BoycottBCCI

— Najaf Ali (@najau45) October 19, 2015

India, Safe land for sports and international teams?
Lol, What a joke !

— Ramiz Raja (@RamizRaja92) October 19, 2015

Its worse under BCCI power than it was under English and Aussie influence #BoycottBCCI

— Erudite (@aarus85) October 19, 2015

we dont even want to play a #guli_dnda with india

— momana bajwa (@momana_bajwa) October 19, 2015

Now its high time that our government and board should take some strict action on it! #BoycottBCCI

— Mahnoor Anwar (@noorehanwar) October 19, 2015

if they dont want to play we should not emphasize them #BoycottBCCI

— Imad khan (@imad75pk) October 19, 2015

Just Say #MaukaMauka

— Herz Schlag (@HeRzZsChLaG) October 19, 2015

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