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In Señora Reitlinger’s CIHS Spanish 4A classes, the students have been given the assignment to connect with a student of their own age from Spain. The students in Spain were given a very similar assignment to the children here at Chartiers Valley.

All students participating in this activity are required to find many things about their pen pals: their favorite hobbies, best friend, likes, and many more. The students were also required to somehow connect with their partner and prove to their teacher that they had had a live conversation by showing her a picture of their video chat or call history.

“I was really looking forward to connecting with my Spanish pen pal,” said Evan Kraus of Señora Reitlinger’s seventh period class. “My assignment is due Friday but my friend only contacted me this past Wednesday.” The assignment was due Friday at the beginning of class but was recently extended to Monday for the students who had trouble connecting.

A difficult part in this project is the time difference between the United States and Spain. The residents of Spain have a six hour time difference than here in the United States. With them being six hours ahead, it can be hard for the students to set a good time to connect with each other. When the students of Chartiers Valley are dismissed at the end of the day at 2:34, the students in Spain are getting ready for a good nights sleep.

Hopefully, all the students have managed so far to chat with their partner and complete their assignments. This project will continue for the remainder of the school year and all the students will continue to enjoy interacting with someone from an entirely different culture.


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