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After a public ‘breakup’, Asif and Mudasir ‘regain’ friendship!

In their signat­ure style they have smugly and public­ly announ­ced the reviva­l of their friend­ship



Remember the breakup of ex-best friends Asif and Mudasir on Facebook?  Their tragic break-up last month caused quite a tumult on social media.

Well here’s some good news: the pair have decided to let bygones be bygones and ‘regain’ their friendship.

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So, in their signature style they have publicly announced the revival of their friendship.  In a Facebook post, Asif admitted:  “For he who persistently blames and criticise[s], only fans the flames of hatred and controversy … so, from now [on] Mudasir Ismail Ahmed and Salman Ahmad Naqash both are my best friends …..”

Mudasir also shared a similar post announcing ‘friendship regain with Asif’:

They say: ‘Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.’ If you needed proof, look no further.

Last month, Asif from Gujranwala took the internet by storm when he posted a picture on Facebook declaring that his “past best friend” has become too “proudy”, while publicly announcing the breakup and announcing Salman as his best friend — much to the amusement of, well, everyone on the Internet.

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