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Walking through the halls should not be this difficult | USA Today High School Sports

The most annoying part of a typical school day is, by far, dealing with the abundance of students who have yet to learn how to properly walk in a hallway. It may not be a written rule within the student handbook detailing exactly how to walk in the hallway, but when more than half of the building cannot complete the simple task of walking, something needs to be done.
Walking is something everyone learns at a very young age and is something you will use for your entire life. You have always been taught how to look around and notice your surroundings. It’s absolutely mind-blowing that high school students cannot put these two simple tasks, which we all learned as children, together.
Going from class to class should not involve an unorganized mess of people swerving left and right, trying to dodge other students while running into other unsuspecting people. Walking through the halls is a simple concept that students still, to this day, mess up.
The best part of it is there is not just one certain group which does this. From Freshman to Senior, I guarantee you can find at least one person who has not properly learned how to walk through the hallways. C’mon now, you’re how old? Learn how to walk.
My favorite perpetrator is that one kid who will stop in the middle of the hallway, turn around, and scream to another student who is a considerable distance away. Hold that conversation somewhere that is not blocking my way. Get to class!
You may not have priorities, but I do. Do not make me late because you want to act like high school is some foreign, uncivilized land that has not been introduced to rules and decency.
Anyway, the solution for this is quite simple. If you want to have a conversation in the hallway, move to the left or right side and then you may have your meaningless conversation that without a doubt could have waited until lunch time or even after school.
I get it. Socializing is a big part in the teenage world. If we don’t see our friends after class and before another class it seems like the world is ending.
I promise you that your friend will be there at the end of the class period, lunch, and after school. The world is not ending, so have some courtesy for those around out and get out of the way!

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