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PTA Publishes IM for WLL Spectrum Auction for AJK and GB :

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, after mandatory approvals from Azad Jammu & Kashmir along with Gilgit Baltistan Councils, today published Information Memorandum for the spectrum auction of WLL (Wireless Local Loop) licenses for AJK and Gilgit Baltistan.

PTA said that it plans to auction spectrum in 1900MHz and 3.5GHz bands for WLL licenses for all three telecom regions of AJK and GB.

PTA is aiming to auction the spectrum for WLL license by December 2015. If all offered spectrum gets sold then PTA is likely to generate Rs. 90 million in total for 2×5 MHz in 1900MHz band and two 30 MHz unpaired lots in 3.5GHz bands.

PTA said that operators can submit their applications with processing fee and sealed bids by November 20th, 2015. Then after announcing pre-qualification of potential participants, auction will be held on December 4th, 2015.

IM said that spectrum will be allotted to potential buyers at base price if overall demand of spectrum is lower or equal to spectrum offered. In case the demand is greater than the spectrum offered, in either of the bands, PTA will conduct an open outcry auction to assign the spectrum rights.

IM said that spectrum winners will have to pay the fee with-in 30 days of the action.

Both existing and new operators can take part in auction.

Licensing Fee Structure:

Base price for Spectrum:2 x 5MHz from 1900MHz:TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 55.80 MillionTR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 11.96 MillionTR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 7.97 Million30MHz from 3.5GHzTR-I Mirpur: Rs. 7.97 MillionTR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 3.18 MillionTR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 3.18 MillionAnnual Spectrum Fee: The licensee shall pay an annual fee to the Authority as following:1900 MHz BandTR-I: PKR 870,000/-TR-2: PKR 185,000/-TR-3: PKR 190,000/-3.5GHz BandTR-I: PKR 1,000,000/-TR-2: PKR 370,000/-TR-3: PKR 370,000/-

It merits mentioning here that PTCL, Wateen and SCO currently have WLL licenses for AJK and GB regions.

Previously WLL licenses in AJK and GB were issued through auction, in which four companies had participated (PTCL, Telenor, Wateen, Link Dot Net).

At the end of June 2015, there were 67,347 WLL subscribers in AJ&K & GB.

You can download the IM for WLL spectrum auction in AJK and GB by clicking this link.

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