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Fratricide case: Boy killed by two younger brothers



HYDERABAD: A teenage boy was beaten to death by his two younger brothers in a suburb of Hala, Matiari district. The body of 17-year-old Najeebullah Arbab was found at his home in Mirza Parha on Wednesday evening, three days after his death.

The brothers, 12-year-old Sanaullah Arbab and nine-year-old Samiullah Arbab, initially fled from their home but later surrendered to the police. “He was an addict who used to beat us and our mother,” SHO Bashir Khunharo quoted Sanaullah as saying.

They killed Najeebullah by smacking his head with wooden sticks and then hid his corpse under a bed in their home. After a few days, neighbours began to smell an unbearable stench from the house, which the boys had locked before fleeing with their mother.

According to the SHO, both boys have confessed to the murder and have been booked in an FIR under Section 302. On Thursday, the brothers were produced before the judicial magistrate who sent them on a two-week judicial remand to Juvenile Prison in Hyderabad.

The boys lived with their mother, Guddi Arbab, who works as domestic help, after their father’s death. They told the police that a few days before his murder, Najebullah publicly flogged both of them after tying them to an electric pole.

“He would snatch the money our mother earned and buy narcotics,” Sanaullah told the police. They alleged that their slain brother also recently tried to kill their mother but she took shelter in the house where she worked for a few days .

SSP Matiari Amjad Shaikh told the local media that the police have come to know from the neighbours that Najeebullah was an alcoholic who used to beat his brothers.

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