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Disgruntled CS Student Hacks University Website to Record Protest Against Management :

The University of Sarghoda website was hacked earlier today by a Computer Sciences student to protest against the management of the institute.

The site has since been restored but we managed to copy the message for our readers. The text is given below. If you want to check out the screenshot, you can do so at the end of the post.

Hi Everyone, ( TL;DR start from 4th point )

I can’t introduce myself because of the consequences that I may have to face afterwards I have tried few other mediums like facebook and emails but management efficiently blocked me right away. So here I am.

I’d like to bring the attention of worthy V.0 and HOD of CS & IT and students to few points that are making CS & IT Dept. a worst place.

1. Quality of Education: In CS & IT Department teachers are selected based on their connections and references and then they ruin students lives with their dangerous knowledge ( most notable, Sir Salman Tiwana and Sir M Bilal i.e guys who can’t do windows teach CS) .

2. Biased Teachers: If you have a reference you can get 4 GPA without taking a single class or knowing full name of subject. (Sir Hafiz Faisal)

3. Teachers Are Gods: Yes, I mean it. You can’t object them or question them or do anything they don’t like. otherwise you’ll fail.

4. Bitter Truths:

Sticking with teachers + TC is key to get 4 GPA ( Getting 29 sessional marks out of 20 is not strange)Teachers who never tested a single software teaches “Software Testing” ( I mean, how could you? )Teachers who never managed a single project teaches “Project Management”9 out of 10 teachers have never ever built a single software ( I still wonder who is the 1 )99% of methods taught to us are never implemented by any of our teachersNo matter what, A teacher can never be wrong THAT makes YOU wrong even when you are notwrong ( Partially quoted by Sir Ilyas )Everyday we are taught couple of definations and some teachers even make us write them down.CS & IT Department produces teachers, not IT Experts / Developers / ProgrammersWork at IT Hub & Get a job in CS & IT DepartmentWrite a mail to VC and it’ll go unnoticed

5. Request: I just want to take a chance at changing the system. Computer science is a complex subject and requires experienced staff who really know what they teach. They don’t make you write & cram bunch of definations also there should be a medium for students to raise voice againt unjust and biased staff. TEACHERS ARE NOT GODS.

Developer of uos.edu.pk, reach me at http://fb.com/dengueHere I’ll be glad to explain potential security holes in your scripts and server. -Dengue

While I’m sure the immediate reaction of the management at University of Sarghoda will be to find out the responsible student and make an example out of him, I feel like this message will hit home for a lot of engineers specially in the Computer Engineering and Computer Science fields.

The disgruntled student talks about the poor quality of education, biased and unqualified teachers who act like they’re the final word on everything and various issues like flattery working better than hard work. While they are not prevalent at the top institutes in the country, other universities suffer from things like these very often. University education is not cheap and students have a right to raise their voice against perceived injustice.

It is a shame that this student had to resort to hacking the site of his university to make himself heard. The worst part of this incident is that the management will likely ignore the context and focus on the act of hacking the site itself.

The current status of education is highlighted by bemusing revelations like the COMSATS pro-rector’s PhD thesis being a copy-paste job or a blacklisted academic being award the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. While there is a lot of good work being done, by and large the student community in Pakistan is dissatisfied with the education they are provided and we implore relevant people in the government and academia to take note of this.

We keep saying that Pakistan has one of the highest percentages of youth population in the world and it’s definitely an opportunity. But if we actually want them to become sophisticated adults capable of propelling our country forward instead of disillusioned and mindless consumers, we need to start taking a very hard look at our higher education system.


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