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Oct. 13 girls roundup | USA Today High School Sports

Pittsford's Morgan Bronstein hits from the 18th tee. Bronstein made the Section V state team.

Pittsford’s Morgan Bronstein hits from the 18th tee. Bronstein made the Section V state team.

Erika Tillotson (Victor) shot an 84 to take first place at the Section V Championship on Tuesday at Deerfield Country Club.

Tillotson had birdies on Nos. 8, 10 and 17 to propel her round.

State team: Mikah McDonnell (Webster) 86; Sydney Ball (Pittsford) 87; Lizzy Karsten (Penfield) 88; Emily Doell (Aquinas) 90; Morgan Bronstein (Pittsford) 90; Tori Ortiz (Spencerport) 90; Lena Kaufman (Pittsford) 92; Sophie Renzi (Pittsford) 94.


Livingston County

Natalie Peraino scored the winner with four minutes left for Geneseo (9-4-2).

Kaity Keihl scored for the Blue Devils.

Katline Cartwright had a goal for Le Roy.

Cameron Bugman scored in the 52ndminute to lift Keshequa (7-6-2).

Payton Powers had 10 saves to complete her fifth shutout of the season for the Indians.

Melissa Mineti scored the winner in the second overtime to lift Livonia (8-7).

Andrea Smith had a goal to tie the game for the Bulldogs.

Jessie Hammers scored in the first half for Way-Co (13-2).

Finger Lakes

Jenna McDonald scored the game winner with just over 28 minutes remaining for South Seneca.

Kelsey Shaulis scored the other two goals for the Falcons and Morgan McGonigal had five saves in goal.

Ashton Allison and Jenna Robinson scored for Honeoye.

Goalie MacKenzie Rudolph had 15 saves for the Bulldogs.

Monroe County

Olivia Coccitto and Luca Fahmer each scored for Spencerport (11-2-2).

Emma Bennett and Katie Cosgrove scored for C-C (6-5-4).

Kyndal Hetzel scored in the 68th minute for Hilton (9-4-2).

Vanessa L’Abbate totaled six saves to complete her 27th career shutout for the Cadets.

Athena is now (4-9-1).


Livingston County

Sarah McFarland finished with five kills and six digs for York (2-10).

Addie Kelly had seven digs and five aces for Way-Co (3-12).

Justyna Seager-Parulski had assists and Makayla Brzezinski added 10 kills for Bath.

Caitlin O’Brien finished with six kills and Brittany Pierce had four aces for Keshequa.

Sadrina Didas had 15 assists 8 digs and 3 aces and Abby Kuhn tallied eight kills for Dansville.

Lydia Milligan had 12 kills 8 digs and 2 aces and MacKenzie Good added 17 assists and four aces for Pavilion.

Laura Snell had six kills for Perry.

Kaya Stinson and Kathryn Harrick each had three blocks for Hornell (0-13).

Genesee Region

Kylie Schlagenhauf had six aces, four kills and four digs and Erica Gibson totaled five aces, five kills and three digs for O-A (6-5).

Lexi Peyton had five kills, three digs and two aces for Kendall (7-9).

Sam Quaranto had 9 aces, 6 assists and 3 kills for Pembroke (8-5).

Sindel Wille added 5 aces, 2 kills and 6 assists for the Dragons.

Finger Lakes

Michele DiNicola had 14 kills and Kelsey Ludwig added 10 digs, 7 kills, and 5 aces for Wayne.

Kate Karnisky tallied seven kills for the Eagles.

Michaela Morrison had 27 assists, 14 digs and 2 kills, and Lindsay Howell added 20 kills and six digs for Pal-Mac.

Wayne County

Kayla Battle had four kills and Tenna Jenkins added three kills and 13 aces for Lyons.

Elly Hepburn recorded four blocks for Marion (3-12).

Lindsay Nudds had seven aces and Adriana Robinson added three kills for ER.

Skyler Grenon had three aces and two kills for Sodus (0-15).

Kelsey Lofvenborg tallied 12 kills and Ally Stark added 25 assists for Gananda (11-3).

Abby Miraglia had 17 assists and four aces and Kelly Crane totaled eight kills for NR-W (11-5).

Monroe County

Allison Corno had six kills and Jess Giannoccaro had 7 aces, 6 kills and 6 digs for GC (10-2).

Athena is 6-10.

McKayla Shaser had seven kills and four digs and Natalie Curtin added seven digs and four aces for Irondequoit (12-3).

Christa Mickol had seven kills and 18 digs for Brighton (8-8).

Marielle Buss had 10 kills and five digs and Ally Cappon added eight kills for Hilton (10-4).

Jennifer Setaro had 13 digs for Brockport (2-9).

Kieran Nanavati had six kills and two aces and her sister Erina added eight assists and two digs for Sutherland (12-0).

Kara Fawcett totaled 10 digs and eight kills for Mendon (9-3).

Isabel Selvek had 12 kills and 22 assists and Deanna Jurs added 30 digs for Olympia.

Amy Kolzaleski finished with six kills and Melissa Page added six aces and 16 digs for Victor (11-2).

Hannah Stewart chipped in with 12 kills and nine digs for the Blue Devils.

Schroeder is 10-2.

Grace Chlebove finished with 8 aces, 10 kills and 5 digs and Gillian Kurtic added eight kills for HF-L (9-4).

Lauren Chlebove chipped in with 4 aces, 6 digs and 2 blocks for the Cougars, who clinched the Monroe County Division IV title.

Tessa Engel had six kills and nine digs for Batavia.

Stephanie Akselrod finished with four kills and Johanna Gregory had seven kills for Penfield (10-1)

Kelly Weeks had four blocks for Thomas (8-7).


Andrea Coyle had 25 kills, 11 digs and 3 aces and Chelsea Riggi had 38 assists, 8 digs and 5 aces for Cal-Mum (12-2).

Jyl Russotti finished with seven blocks and four kills for Kearney (10-3).

Valerie Ziarniak had seven kills and Alayna Simmons added six aces for Aquinas (9-3).

Makaila Heath had 10 kills and Grace Levandusky added eight digs for Avon (6-6).


200 medley relay: Pittsford (Stephie Riley, Sarah Minnigh, Emma Corby, Sarah Smith) 1:55.23; 200 freestyle: Lindsay Stone (P) 1:54.04; 200 IM: Anna Dawson (P) 2:18.09; 50 freestyle: Katie Smith (P) 23.99; Diving: 1. Maddie Schaefer (P) 301.30*; 2.Serica Hallstead (C) 298.50^; 100 butterfly: Becca Evans (P) 58.28; 500 freestyle: Stone (P) 4:57.55*; 200 freestyle: Pittsford (Evans, Corby, Stone, Katie Smith)* 1:38.44; 100 backstroke: Hannah Bernard (C) 1:03.68; 100 breaststroke: Sarah Alling (C) 1:14.55; 400 freestyle relay: (Stone, Corby, Evans, Katie Smith) 3:37.25*.

*Denotes pool record; ^Denotes team record

200 medley relay: Honeoye Falls-Lima (Anna Lazarus-Hall, Grace Baumer, Amy Li, Emily Baum) 2:01.67; 200 freestyle: Madison Sullivan (HFL) 1:59.41; 200 IM: 1. Baumer (HFL) 2:17.21; 50 freestyle: Jessica Gordon (Brighton) 25.90; Diving: Hannah Butler (B) 247.30; 100 butterfly: Li (HFL) 1:01.09; 100 freestyle: Sullivan (HFL) 54.79; 500 freestyle: Mackenzi Doescher (B) 5:25.19; 200 freestyle relay: Brighton (Audrey Vinton, Mackenzi Doescher, Hailey Doescher, Gordon); 100 backstroke: Li (HFL) 1:03.59; 100 breaststroke: 1:16.94; Gillian Engle (B) 1:16.94; 400 freestyle relay: Honeoye Falls-Lima (Baumer, Li, Emma Cuffney, Sullivan) 3:51.91.

200 medley relay: Victor (Abby Fenn, Mia Baggett, Natalie Zaravella, Caroline Wood) 1:54.50; 200 freestyle: Zaravella (V) 1:58.63; 200 IM: Baggett (V) 2:18.05; 50 freestyle: Serafina Viola (P) 1:03.18; Diving: Erin Norton (V) 338.70; 100 butterfly: Zaravella (V) 1:00.06; 100 freestyle: Toni Naccarella (P) 54.34; 500 freestyle: Sydney Lautenslager (V) 5:32.18; 200 freestyle relay: Penfield (Viola, Charlotte Jarvis, Bridgette Merriman, Naccarella) 1:43.97; 100 backstroke: Fenn (V) 1:03.10; 100 breaststroke: Baggett (V) 1:10.32; 400 freestyle relay: Penfield (Maria Nenadic, Kayleigh Hill, Erin Ebert, Christina Sanchez) 3:49.38.

200 medley relay: Gates Chili (Madi Monaghan, Katie Lombardi, Amanda Miller, Olivia Munyon) 2:09.81; 200 freestyle: Monaghan 2:13.60; 200 IM: Anna Amico (B) 2:41.71; 50 freestyle: Munyon (G) 26.42; 100 butterfly: Natalie Amico (B) 1:07.45; 100 freestyle: Maiya Reinhart (B) 1:01.75; 500 freestyle: Elle Fulton (B) 6:25.94; 200 freestyle relay: Gates (Monaghan, Rayna Harmon, Robin DeWinde, Miller) 1:57.79; backstroke: Monaghan (G) 1:07.03; 100 breaststroke: A. Amico (B) 1:27.59; 400 freestyle relay: Batavia (Reinhart, Caitlyn Ange, Nora Janes, N. Amico) 4:31.02.


Wayne County

Emily Sawteloe and Ashley Rios won a second doubles match 6-2, 6-0 for Lyons (10-2).

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