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Which iPhone Model Should you Buy? :

Apple has just recently unveiled iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus; the latest addition to the iPhone lineup. As usual, there are conflicting views on the changes that have been made and the obvious design similarities to the previous generation. There are no less than four different models of iPhone available for the last two generations: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Upgrade decisions have never been harder.

The most important question that any consumer asks is: which iPhone is the one for you? Are the new 6S models enough of an upgrade? We are going to make the decision easier for you.

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New Gen (6S & 6S Plus) vs Old Gen (6 & 6 Plus)Strengths

Durability: The new generation phones are structurally stronger, both now have series 7000 aluminum instead of series 6000 of their predecessors, which is twice as strong. In addition, the durability of the glass displays has been increased. Thus the new phones resist bending a any pressure.

Better performance: iPhone 6S and 6S Plus offer CPU and GPU increases of 70% to 90% via the latest 3rd generation 64 bit Apple A9 chipset and also jump to 2GB of RAM, expertly handling the iOS 9 features. There is also enhanced performance of the Touch ID.

3D Touch: This is a new feature introduced in the latest generation and the number one reason you should be thinking of getting the new phones. Sensors embedded in the display detect the user’s pressure on the screen to open up new commands. It is used to peek and swipe between apps, which is now more realistic.

Live photos feature: This is also another new feature introduced in the phones. When the user clicks on the photo, they will also see and hear the motion and sound at the time of the photo capture. This means that the phones capture the seconds ahead and seconds later as well as the picture itself. This will lead to the ‘live photo’ quality.

Camera: The camera itself has faced an upgrade to 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera as well as 4K 1080p video recording from rear and front cameras for the very first time.


Same design: There hasn’t been a dramatic change in design for the new generation. iPhone 6 was the least visually appealing iOS device and Apple didn’t make any attempt to improve that. The resolutions also remain unchanged.

Heavier: The new iPhones are slightly larger and noticeably heavier than their predecessors. Since they have the same design, they are just as slippery to hold. This means that weight combined with the case protection required to cover the impractical slippery design makes them heavier.

Worse battery life: With a smaller battery capacity (1715 mAh compared to 1810 mAh of iPhone 6), iPhone 6S definitely doesn’t contain efficiency improvement. 6S Plus is not expected to have an increased battery capacity either. This means that the new phones have the same stamina as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Weak charging: Since there is low battery life, the phones are easily drained from the more strenuous activities like 4K video recording while charge times remain low.

Higher price: While the exact minimum price of iPhone 6S is not available in Pakistan as yet, it goes without saying that naturally, the new devices are a lot more expensive than the last generation ones.

So Which iPhone Is Right For You?

If you are a student, and you prefer a latest iOS device which is smaller in size thus easier to hold, require a great battery life and don’t mind being devoid of the additional features, then iPhone 6 will serve you well and within an acceptable price range in accordance with student budget.

If you are professional looking for a mid-range iOS device with a bigger screen and the latest features, iPhone 6 Plus would be your best bet, since it doesn’t only have a larger screen but has a battery capacity to match. However, if you wish to have increased camera quality, 3D touch, a better performance and are also willing to pay more for it, you can also opt for iPhone 6S though it does have a smaller screen and lower battery life. You will have to prioritize your needs.

If you are a business man and price or weight is no issue for you, then iPhone 6S and 6S Plus both will provide higher durability and improved performance to your taste. However, you will need to keep your battery life requirements in mind.

The strengths and weaknesses have been stated, rest is up to you. If the previous generation caters to your primary personal requirements in an iPhone and battery life serves you well, there is no need to go for the latest devices. All you need to decide is that whether you are willing to pay more money for the strengths identified in the new generation.

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