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Track Review: Nathan Sykes – Kiss Me Quick | USA Today High School Sports

Nathan Sykes is the youngest member of The Wanted, a boy band from across the pond. They had a huge success with a few of their songs, primarily “Glad You Came”, a radio hit in a number of countries, including the United States and UK. They’re on hiatus now, and with any boy band hiatus comes the inevitable solo project. Nathan’s marketing team gave me a promo copy of Sykes’ new single, “Kiss Me Quick” (not to be confused with the Elvis Presley song of the same name). Let’s see if it’s worth checking out.

As is the case with any top 40 – style hit, the instrumental is nothing to write home about. It is, at its simplest, a short sample of horns played sporadically with an equally inconsistent drum track. These actually take pauses during the verses, as though to put Sykes further in the spotlight of the song. The lyrics are mostly recycled as well…nothing new here. Flirty “romance” story-type stuff. Can’t say I don’t have it stuck in my head, though. It’s catchy for sure.

Where this track shines, though, is the vocal delivery. I, with minimal exposure to The Wanted, was not expecting Sykes’ voice to be so well-developed and skilled. From looking at him on the cover of the single, you get the impression of a Justin Bieber type; a high-pitched voice, appropriately able to hit the high notes of the song. What you get in “Kiss Me Quick” is a completely different story. I suppose there’s a good reason that Sykes is emphasized over the backing track, as the runs he delivers during the verses are impressive. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I prefer the verses and pre-choruses to the actual chorus of the song, though that’s mostly due to the uninteresting refrain.

Is it worth checking out? Sure, why not? If you’re looking specifically for a good pop singer, look no further. If you’re more into the instrumental aspect of music, and prefer more thought-provoking music, just go listen to Sunn O))) or something.

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