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Nomad exhibition: Budding artists take road less travelled

Exhibi­tion featur­ing the work of three artist­s will contin­ue till Octobe­r 22

The artwork has been produced by recent miniature painting graduates from NCA. PHOTOS: HUMA CHOUDHARY/EXPRESS

The artwork has been produced by recent miniature painting graduates from NCA. PHOTOS: HUMA CHOUDHARY/EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: Art exhibitions in the capital usually take the safe route and display acrylic, oil on canvas or mixed media.

However, an exhibition titled ‘Reading between the lines’, at the Nomad Art Gallery, has dared to take the road less travelled by featuring gouache on plaster mold, wasli and dyed paper.

The exhibition, displaying exquisite miniature work, opened on Tuesday evening, and features the work of Sadaf Javaid, Hira Shakir and Osama Bin Shahab.

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Interestingly, all three artists are fresh graduates of the National College of Arts (NCA), with a major in miniature painting. The work on display shows a great deal of depth, intricacy and maturity, which are essential in such innovative work.

Javaid’s ‘The Evolution’, a gouache on plaster mold, stood out as a very artistic and unconventional work of art. Her selection of colours and fineness made this piece of work an absolute treat to look at.

According to the artist, her recent work is inspired by the rapidly growing influence of movie and television on our lives.

“For some of us, the obsession with television and movies has reached the point where we are, at times, unable to figure out where the drama ends and real life begins. That is what I wanted to reflect in my work”, she said.

Shakir said she believes many patterns exist beside our own.

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“All these patterns are interconnected; opening different life circles within a circle. My work is an attempt to explore my interaction with these circles as I float and blend within these various patterns of life”, she added.

Bin Shahab said he has a firm belief that art has meaning that should reflect in an artist’s work.

“Through my work, I want to participate and contribute effectively as an artist in society, as well as in the art world at large through miniature painting,” he said.

Nageen Hyat, director and curator of the gallery, told The Express Tribune that emerging artists bring a lot of innovation and originality. Speaking about the exhibition, she said it allows the viewer to gaze upon and realise some intriguing new ideas.

“This is an evolving process through the medium of miniature paintings, subtly handled with skill and flair,” Hyat said.

The exhibition will continue till October 22.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 14th, 2015.

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