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Minnesota football coach uses One Direction to teach life’s lessons | USA Today High School Sports

As the NFL battles a public relations nightmare over its lax punishments for domestic abusers, at least one high school coach is offering an alternative lesson for football’s next generation.

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (Minn.) football coach David Blom, 31, recruited all 41 of his players to participate in a lip syncing rendition of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” during a recent practice session, posting the performance to the team’s Facebook page.

“Everyone on the ACGC Football team believes every female ought to be told everyday that they are beautiful. Please pass it along and gel make someones day a little more special!”

According to a feature on the coach’s unique approach in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Blom is a father of four and an adult foster care program coordinator in his life outside of football, although that life is blended into his instruction more often than not in the ACGC locker room.

The lip syncing video, which required each player to bring a picture of his mother to practice and was unveiled in front of the school during homecoming festivities, may have been the least difficult thing Blom has asked of his team.

Last year, he hosted a mock trial in which each player had to read a letter apologizing for killing the coach’s daughter in a drunk driving accident. Heavy stuff. Earlier this season, everyone was required to write a letter telling their parents how much they love them. Not exactly a teenaged boy’s first choice at football practice. Next week, players will pretend they’re asking the coach’s permission to take his daughter on a date. Unconventional? Sure. But effective, says Blom.

“I have two beautiful, young daughters,” Blom told the local Litchfield Independent Review. “I coach each day like I’m prepping these guys to be my son-in-law.”

Who knows? Maybe if Ray Rice, Greg Hardy or any number of the NFL’s known domestic abusers had a mentor like Blom, thinks might’ve turned out different off the field.

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