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How to choose the right bra size

Here is Triumph beginner’s guide to help you find the perfect fit.

Here is Triumph beginner’s guide to help you find the perfect fit.

KARACHI: It’s an oft-repeated claim that 7 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. One brand has taken it upon itself to change those numbers in Pakistan.

European lingerie brand Triumph held a a personal consultation session for women at a two-day event titled ‘Stand Up For Fit’ at Dolmen Mall, Clifton.

Highlighting the need for the activity, Maliha Bhimjee, spokesperson for Triumph Pakistan, told The Express Tribune, “Consultation to find the perfect fit is something we do every day at our shops. But sometimes it gets too crowded and our salespersons are unable to give personalised attention to each customer.”

“Our main purpose here is to focus on showing women all the possible options they could choose from so that they hit upon the one right one,” she added.

From sizing to the right bra style, the experts focused on all the aspects of how to choose your perfect fitting. We would like to share all these tips with the following beginner’s guide:

How to choose the correct bra and cup size:
1. Use the measuring tape to measure the underbust in cms. Round off to nearest multiple of 5. This gives you the correct bra size.
2. Measure the overbust (the fullest part of your breast in cms.
3. The difference between the overbust and underbust gives you the cup size.

Difference of:
11 – 13 cms ­= A cup
14 – 16 cms = B cup
17 – 19 cms = C cup
20 – 22 cms = D cup

For example:
Overbust  =  85 cms
Underbust = 70 cms
Difference = 15 cms
The bra size for the above mentioned figures is 32 inches or 70 cm and cup size is B.

The proper way to wear a bra:
1. Slip your arms through the shoulder straps. Adjust the bra, so that the band is under the bust.
2. As you fasten the closure at the back, lean forward slightly to place your breasts into each cup.
3. Fasten the back closure on the outermost hook. If it needs to be tighter move inwards to the next hook and so on.
4. Stand up and adjust the shoulder straps, so that they feel comfortable and do not cut into the flesh.
5. Adjust the strap clasps so that they hold the breasts perfectly in place.
6. Adjust the bra with your hand, so that the breast are fully in the cup.

Quick fix solutions:
1. Band rides up or sits too high?
First check if the straps are too tight. Decrease band size until it sits horizontally around the body. The back should be at the same level as the front, in the mirror.

2. Strap fall off or digs in?
Adjust the straps. Check of the band size is too big. Straps may slip off if too wide on  the shoulders. Straps may dig in if they cannot take the load.

3. Bust spilling over or under the cups or cup cuts in?
If the bust spills over, increase the cup size. If the bust spills under, decrease the bra or cup size.

Features of a good bra:
1. Comfortable, adjustable straps to relieve pressure off your shoulders.
2. Cups should cover the bust completely.
3. Front centerpoint should touch the breast bone between the bust.
4. Wider under band provides support and stability.
5. Back and fastener should be positioned at the same level as the bust.

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