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Britain’s first Pakistani-born, Muslim Lord mayor under investigation for ‘financial irregularities’

Counci­llor Naveed­a Ikram says people have been spread­ing untrue report­s with regard­s to the invest­igatio­n

Councillor Naveeda Ikram. PHOTO: THEYORKSHIREPOST

Councillor Naveeda Ikram. PHOTO: THEYORKSHIREPOST

Pakistani born Naveeda Ikram, who holds the distinction of becoming Britain’s first female Muslim Lord Mayor, has been suspended by the Labour Party amid charges of involvement in financial irregularities.

In 2011, Councilor Naveeda Ikram became the UK’s first female Muslim Lord Mayor and in 2004, became the first woman of Pakistani origin to become councilor in Bradford.

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Ikram, who was shortlisted as Labour’s parliamentary candidate to unseat George Galloway in the general elections, is being probed by the police over allegations of ‘financial irregularities’ it was revealed today.

Labour moved to suspend Ikram from the party until the investigation is concluded. However, Ikram inisists that she is completely innocent, saying that it is “normal procedure” for the party to suspend someone facing an allegation.

In a statement, Ikram told the Bradford Telegraph: “An allegation has been made against me and it’s completely just down to normal procedures, that if an allegation is made against a councilor, they are suspended,” she said.

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“The allegation was not connected to my role as a councilor and the suspension is ‘administrative’ by the Labour Party,” she added.

A police spokesman has confirmed the receipt of a report alleging financial irregularities against the councilor, according to MailOnline; however, investigations are at a very early stage and are ongoing. The police refused to give any further details of the investigation.

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Earlier, Ikram was caught in an internal labour party row after she went to the police over claims she had been ‘smeared’ online. She claimed she had been impersonated online by someone trying to propose she holds racist and sectarian views.

Ikram says that she has been afflicted by nasty messages online and has and people have been spreading untrue reports with regards to the investigation.

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