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7 tips to help you stop smoking for good

Did you know brushing your teeth curbs the urge to smoke? PHOTO: WEBMD

Did you know brushing your teeth curbs the urge to smoke? PHOTO: WEBMD

Smoking is bad. In fact, it is a well-known fact among smokers and non-smokers that the habit is injurious to health — it is known to cause cancer, respiratory and heart diseases, just a few to name, reported Mirror.

Did you know that within hours of putting out your last
 cigarette your body starts
 to recover from the effects
 of nicotine and additives? 
Not only that but your blood pressure and 
heart rate begin to return to healthier levels, and over time your lung capacity increases and breathing becomes easier.

The best thing to do is quit smoking, granted it’s a challenge but here are six ways to achieve the goal:

1. Exercise

Studies have shown that even moderate physical activity can reduce the urge to smoke.


2. Get support

Tell your family, friends and colleagues so you can get their support. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way.


Fact: You are four times more likely to successfully quit smoking with support.

3. Brush your teeth regularly 

Brushing your teeth regularly helps stave off the urge for a cigarette.


4. Avoid activities that trigger your urge to smoke.


These could include drinking a fizzy drinks or eating certain types of foods.

5. Eat fruits and veggies right before you smoke 

A study shows they make cigarettes taste terrible.


6. It’ll save you money

Reward yourself by spending the money you’ve saved on cigarettes on something fun.


7. Pharmacies can help you quit

Remember, your pharmacist is not just there to provide treatment options but to offer advice and support, and also talk you through any concerns. Pharmacists will help you find what works for you.


Willpower is the most important factor. If someone wants to quit, the time is probably right to start taking some action – even if it’s only baby steps.


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