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Every person in this school has their pass time to do in study hall. Whether it’s catching up on their favorite Netflix show or watching their favorite YouTube channel.

Some people play video games on their computer and that’s what I will be asking people. What do people do in their study halls?

James Scalise states “I like getting my homework done in school so I won’t have to do it at home, after I finish I will usually design stuff on adobe illustrator for fun.”

Some people like doing their homework in study hall so they don’t have to do their homework at home. People who are in Art class are more likely to create things in the adobe programs instead of watching or playing video games on the computer. A fellow student in my study hall tells how he spends his time in his study hall.

Jordan Mokricky said “I like getting all of my homework done in school so I can relax when I get home from school.”

Dom Piganelli said “I like to sit back and do my homework for awhile listening to some of my favorite songs on my computer.”

You can see some people like doing their work or procrastinating their work until they get home. Still some people may talk to their friends or listen to music on their phone but in the end most people use their computers. This is what most people end up spending their time doing in study hall.

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