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Performance sheet: Peshawar sees fewer murders



PESHAWAR: A sharp reduction in murder cases has been reported in the city over the past nine months as compared to the first nine months of 2014. According to a document released by the police, at least 351 people have been killed in the district since January. During the same period last year, 525 murder cases were reported.

Crime diary

“Around 453 cases of attempted murder have also been registered while 383 people have been injured in different incidents of criminal nature,” read a copy of the document available with The Express Tribune. “During the first nine months of the year, 12 people were kidnapped for ransom and 30 were kidnapped over a series of disputes.”

Like 2014, four children were reported to have been abducted between January and September. “Similarly, 28 cases of women ‘kidnapped for marriages’ have been reported during the same time period,” he said.

As per the document, 49 cases of police assault have been registered while 19 cases of assault have come to the fore. “Around 121 cases of theft and 65 burglary cases were reported between January and September,” stated the document. “In addition, 67 cases of car-lifting and 91 motorcycle thefts have surfaced over the past nine months. At least 13 instances of car-snatching and 34 cases of motorcycle snatching have been registered between January and September.”

A recurring battle

Speaking to The Express Tribune, a police official said street crime in the city has been a recurring cause of concern over the past three to four months.

“We have tried to stem extortion and militancy cases,” he said. “However, mobile and cash snatching has been on the rise and posed countless challenges.” According to the official, major crimes such as terrorism, kidnapping for ransom and extortion fall under the jurisdiction of the counter-terrorism department.

Road accidents

There has also been a spike in fatal accidents in the district as 73 cases of this nature have surfaced so far this year. The number of non-fatal accidents reported this year has also increased to 286 in comparison to 2014.

“Around 887 cases were registered under Section 279 of the Pakistan Penal Code for rash driving,” stated the document. “Last year, 707 cases of this nature were reported.”

Published in The Express Tribune, October 12th, 2015.

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