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CV’s New Food Changes | USA Today High School Sports

IMG_7813For the past two years that I have experienced CV, the food has always been tolerable. Recently, I have taken notice to the drastic transitions made to the entire food system here.

The food has been downgraded at the renown “Snack Shack,” and has already made a difference on the overall school experience.

Everyday last year, it had become part of a myriad of students’ routines to take a trip down to the Snack Shack in between every period.

With these new changes, the amount of trips taken to the Snack Shack have lessened greatly already from my own observations. As more transitions are made, the lesser the appeal of this CV attraction.

I began asking around between peers about their own opinions and I acquired Erin Collins’ very discreet opinion: “The Snack Shack is bunk.”

This only proves how it has diminished.

Alongside the changes, the prices have also been raised. All these contributing factors are just enough to drive away us students. Although even as we complain about these changes, students continue to make trips down to the Snack Shack; just not as frequently as they had prior years. The food has lessened in quality and quantity; for example, the bagels are menial compared to anything they were last year. I also asked Jillian Selden what she thought of the situation, with her reply being: “The Snack Shack is wack. I’m tired of eating sausage, egg, and cheese on cardboard.”

As exaggerated as these quotes appear to be, it is the true reflection of how current students feel towards this very subject.

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