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Muslim sisters land $97,000 for cops tearing hijabs in scuffle

Accord­ing to report­s, NYPD offici­als pulled the girl’s hijabs from their heads



Two Muslim sisters received a $97,500 settlement from New York city after their headscarves were torn off in a scuffle with officials of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

According to reports, in August 2013, officers approached the sisters aged 12 and 14 at the Mott Haven park, asking them to leave claiming that the playground was closed. As the sisters left the park, the officials attacked the girls “violently grabbing them around their necks and forcing them to the ground,” the lawsuit stated.

Following the incident, upon asking the officers why they were manhandling his sisters, the police arrested the girls’ 15-year-old brothe.

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A lawsuit was filed by the mother in a Manhattan federal court which said that the “devout Muslim’’ girls, only identified in court papers as K W and LC, obeying orders, immediately began walking out of the park.

The lawsuit further said the girl’s hijabs were pulled from their heads. “This was not only profoundly humiliating, but a violation of their deeply held religious beliefs,” the suit stated.

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In reply to the lawsuit, the officers said they had no other choice as the girls were disobedient.

Meanwhile, a city Law Department spokesperson said, “It was in the best interest of the city to resolve this case.”

This article originally appeared on New York Post

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