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Stealth is my strongest suit: Snow Leopard



The snow leopard, the national heritage animal of Pakistan and an endangered species, is playful and stealthy.

Found in the northern regions of Pakistan, it is a creature that is both admired and feared by people. It is admired because it is beautiful and almost adorable to look at, with its cat-like features and soft fur.

Photos: AP, zooborns.com, businesswire.com

And it is feared because it creeps up on its prey so stealthily that by the time you figure out where it is, it would have devoured you whole.

Photo: Conservationinstitute.org

Look at this picture and see if you can spot the snow leopard prying on its dinner:

Photo: Diimex/ Inger Vandyke

Take a closer look:

Photo: Diimex/ Inger Vandyke

The poor animals couldn’t either, and probably fell prey to the clever hunter. Or maybe they ran away just in time. There it is!

Photo: Diimex/ Inger Vandyke

Photo: Diimex/ Inger Vandyke

Were you able to spot it?

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