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7 foods to help you sleep better

Hoping to catch some Zzzz? You needn't look any further than your fridge.

Hoping to catch some Zzzz? You needn’t look any further than your fridge.

Are you a victim of sleepless nights? Lying night after night on your bed, hoping to doze off? If so, you needn’t look any further than your fridge.

Ditch the sleeping pills and opt for a more nutritious and healthy diet; not only does it provide your body with the needed energy but it also assists in sleeping better.

Hindustan Times lists seven foods you should incorporate in your diet which will help you sleep better:

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1. Fish:


Fish contains Vitamin B6, an essential nutrient which helps in the creation of two important hormones — melatonin and serotonin — known to regulate sleep cycles. For best results have salmon and tuna.

2. Honey


Honey contains an ideal ratio of fructose and ­glucose, two sugars required to support the liver while we sleep. The glucose signals the brain to stop producing ­chemical orexin — which is known to regulate wakefulness — to help sleep better.

3. Sour cherries:

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Known to be a ­natural source of melatonin and anthocyanin, sour cherries induce sleep and help your sleep cycle while also improving sleep quality.

4. Chamomile tea:


Instead of opting for chai, make yourself a cup of Chamomile tea to calm you down and help induce sleep. It is a natural sleep aid because it contains amino acid theanine, which relaxes the body and contains sleep-inducing properties.

5. Bananas:

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Bananas are rich in ­magnesium, potassium and calcium — three nutrients which act as muscle relaxers when consumed together. They are known to cure restless leg syndrome and are also effective in treating insomnia.

6. Fruity cereals

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Consuming whole grain cereals before night-time assists in inducing sleep. They contain the right amount of protein and carbohydrates both of which provide our body with amino acid tryptophan, a natural ­sedative.

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7. Walnuts and almonds

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Gorge on walnuts and almonds for a better sleep. These nuts are rich in ­proteins which contain ­theanine and serotonin. Light on the stomach, and will help you sleep ­faster.

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