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Canada court rules in favour of niqab in citizenship ceremonies

Court reject­s Conser­vative govern­ment’s reques­t for a stay of its decisi­on also in favour of Zunera Ishaq



OTTAWA: The Canadian Federal Court of Appeals, weighing in on an issue that has proved pivotal in the campaign for the October 19 election, ruled on Monday in favour of a Muslim woman who has sought to take the oath of citizenship with her face veiled.

The court rejected the Conservative government’s request for a stay of its September 15 decision also in favour of the woman, Zunera Ishaq, who insisted on wearing the niqab at the citizenship ceremony.

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The government is appealing the decision to the Supreme Court and had asked that it be put on hold.

The niqab issue has become a volatile one in the election campaign, particularly in the province of Quebec, where the vast majority of the population supports a ban on niqabs at citizenship ceremonies.

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It has badly eroded the support in Quebec of the opposition New Democratic Party, which has declined to back the ban, and this has hurt the NDP’s national polling numbers.

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