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Chartiers Valley Girls Soccer Team: Playoffs

As a member of the Chartiers Valley Girls Soccer Team, playoffs is a serious topic for the soccer team. At first the team thought playoffs were in the bag, but then they started losing sight of the dream to make playoffs. Many obstacles got in the way for the Chartiers Valley Girls Soccer team. For example many girls on the team did not want it and did not have as much heart as other girls on the team. Also for teams with not as much talent, the team would play down to their level and not try as hard. As a result, they would gain a loss against those teams. When the time came to face the more skilled teams such as Cannon Mac, Moon, and Peters, which were all teams the team was capable of beating, the girls would not be able to score and would give up a goal or two because of lack of effort, and not wanting and giving everything to win as the other three teams do. The record for the team currently is 3 losses and 4 wins so there is still a chance for them. According to senior Kenzi Sinclair “the team can do it they just have to want it more and work that much harder” and if I say so myself Kenzi said it perfectly. For the team to make playoffs, they need to beat 2 of the 3 teams that have beaten them. That would include beating Cannon Mac, Moon, or Peters. They are more than capable if they give it their all.


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