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PakWheels Aims to Become a Billion Dollar Company in 5 Years :

The auto portal PakWheels has emerged as the leading online car classifieds in Pakistan. It has reached a listing of over 160,000 cars and over 24,000 motorcycles and is accessed by more than 100,000 unique visitors every day.

A totally home-grown initiative, PakWheels.com is today the leading choice for local auto enthusiasts and provides them direct access to auto sellers and buyers, and newly introduced tools to aid them.

PakWheels.com is also the first online automotive platform to be running a mass media advertising campaign through a variety of print and electronic media. The campaign focuses on the need to be with the experts of every field, and PakWheels, with various buying and selling tool, guides and Pakistan’s only automotive news and blog, is the expert online automobile classifieds.

Suneel Sarfaraz Munj, Chairman PakWheels.com says:

PakWheels.com has evolved as an all-inclusive platform where people can buy and sell cars, motorcycles and other vehicles and also get to know everything related to the auto world.

He said that PakWheels.com was set up with the aim to not only provide a place to buy or sell your car; ‘we wanted to become a place where people could come and make educated decisions related to cars’, says Munj.

PakWheels Auto Show:

The PakWheels Auto Show, the first of its kind is the biggest car show in Pakistan and is held every year in six different cities across the country to bring the local industry together and provide first-hand information about the latest auto arrivals in the both local and international market.

Resource Library on Automobiles:

PakWheels.com also has an exclusive resource library on various automobiles. In fact, it has now developed into a knowledge centre, offering market updates, automotive reviews, comparative analysis, new offerings and a dedicated interactive forum where auto fans can engage in real-time conversations and exchange ideas with others.

Awards and Recognition:

Launched in 2003, the premier car portal has won such prestigious awards as Arabia 500 Fast Growth Award, Brand of the Year, TeraData 2013 and TeraData 2014.

Aiming To Be A Billion Dollar Company:

Aiming to become a billion-dollar company in the next 5 years, the phenomenal success of PakWheels.com is proven by the fact that many foreign investors are now looking to invest in the car portal due to its exceptional business growth and bright future prospects.

The Malaysia-based firm, Frontier Digital Ventures, invested $3.5 million in the company last year, making PakWheels.com the first Pakistani startup to attract a Malaysian venture capital fund.

Tools to Help Users Buy, Sell and Maintain Their Cars:

PakWheels has also introduced plenty of tools that aid in purchasing and selling of cars so users can make informed decisions with all the relevant data and notes required to do so. For that reason, many online applications available from comparisons to reviews and the most recent is called ‘auto loan calculator’, which provides complete information on car financing and calculation of auto loans offered by different banks and financial institutions in Pakistan.

Using the calculator, users can find out all necessary details on a single click, e.g. minimum down payment required, estimated monthly installments, processing fee, interest rate, total initial deposit, yearly installment plan and terms and applicable discounts, etc.

What Does the Future Hold?

At PakWheels.com, a project is well underway to build an ecosystem for all kinds of auto-related services and functions, including buying, selling, researching, as well as auxiliary services like maintenance, insurance, financing, etc. The portal’s investment in AutoGenie.pk also shows that it won’t hesitate to consolidate its presence in ambitious startups that disrupt the automobile industry in Pakistan.

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