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ICC for consistency in application of cricket laws

Confer­ence for Elite umpire­s was useful in unders­tandin­g variou­s new laws and their applic­ation, says Genera­l Manage­r



DUBAI: Cricket’s governing body on Monday stressed the need for consistent application of the laws across all formats of the game.

After the International Cricket Council (ICC) held a conference for Elite panel umpires and match referees in Dubai, ICC General Manager Geoff Allardice said it had been useful in understanding the various new laws and their application.

“We spent a lot of time on new laws and playing conditions and making sure that we get consistency in the way we apply them across all the elite panel umpires and all the other international panel umpires around the world,” said Allardice, a former Victoria batsman.

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The ICC have 12 umpires in the Elite Panel while there are ten umpires in the international panel.

“We did a long session on TV umpiring and making sure that we’re approaching it the same way across all umpires and again, delivering consistency to the players and the teams,” Allardice added.

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Former Australian fast bowler turned international umpire Paul Reiffel said: “These conferences are good, we get to talk to each other about interpretations regarding laws, new laws coming in, there are always new playing conditions coming in.”.

Umpiring in international cricket has come in for criticism in the past but since the introduction of Decision Review System (DRS) in 2008 it has subsided to a great extent.

The ICC claims that DRS means decision accuracy is now 94 percent.

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