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Here’s why you can’t beat Kaptaan’s style

At 63, the former cricketer is still a style icon.

At 63, the former cricketer is still a style icon.

KARACHI: Be it a cricket stadium or a jalsa, Imran Khan has managed to pull large crowds with his inimitable debonair personality.

There is a reason why men like him manage to look better with each passing year; thanks to the good genes! But, it also takes one to cultivate their personal style to remain eternal.

On his 63rd birthday, we take a look at the evolution of Imran Khan’s style.

1. That classic shag haircut:

Khan can be seen channeling the ’70s retro in this photo. Doesn’t he look cool in that disco shirt, the waistcoat and his classic shag haircut? This photo could easily make it to the cover of any of the leading fashion magazines today.

2. Like a boss:

If being dapper is a crime, someone needs to arrest IK. Barney Stinson can take cue from Immy next time he asks someone to suit up. Khan always puts his best foot forward when he dons a suit.



3. Setting the field on fire:

Wasim Akram and Shahid Afridi are good-looking, sure — but no one beats Kaptaan. IK was a force to be reckoned with on the field and looked snazzy while playing.

Blast from the past: How can we forget the bob cut Khan sported for a while? We must admit, it’s not his best style, but he definitely pulled it off!


4. Hey Girl!

If Khan had a super power, it would be hypnotising people with his bewitching good looks.


5. Salman Khan who?

This picture still makes many hearts skip a beat and leaves many sighing with ‘what if’ thoughts. Those eyes, though!


6. Fall fashion alert:

Winters are fast approaching. While many would not be able to pull off this high-neck mustard knitwear, IK shows us how it’s done:


We have got something for northerners too!


7. Khan’s sherwani game is stronger than yours:

Can you remember a single time when he hasn’t pulled off a luxe-tailored sherwani? Imran looks suave and stylish in this bold colour:


8. Rocking wayfarers since the ’90s:

Wayfarers may be your current hipster staple, but fashion-forward Khan was killing it way before it became part of pop culture, and he still is!

9. Stole on fleek:

The symbolic green and red stole representing Khan’s political party seems to be his current favourite wardrobe staple. Only he can make it look OK to wear on a regular basis.


10. The Khan factor

In a world of Khans, Imran stands out like a shiny bright star.


We wish him a very Happy Birthday and hope his year is full of joy, success and good health!

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