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Insta roundup: Here’s what our celebs were up to this week

Did you wonder why some stars were MIA at the Lux Style Awards? Here’s what kept them away

Did you wonder why some stars were MIA at LSA? Here's what kept them away.

Did you wonder why some stars were MIA at LSA? Here’s what kept them away.

Due to popular demand, we are back with our weekly roundup of your favourite celebrities’ Instagram posts. We’re sure the LSAs flooded your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed this week, but did you wonder why some stars were MIA at the coveted awards night?

Here is what kept them busy, busy enough to miss the night of the year:

1) Mehwish Hayat

The leading lady of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (JPNA) is currently in the US for promotional rounds of her film.

We love how Billi is done with her business-class selfies. This time around it’s just her (and that’s what we want to see):

She looked elegant at the film’s New York premiere:

But she definitely takes out time to have some fun!

2) Adnan Siddiqui

The brilliant actor brings his A-game when it comes to Dubsmash, it ain’t no joke, friends.

Keep ‘em coming!

Adnan also traveled to Los Angeles for a meet-and-greet session with his American fans:

Good things aside! He lost his ailing father on September 28 and shared the news with a heart-touching message on Facebook. He later thanked everyone for their support. Our prayers are with the bereaved family:

3) Hadiqa Kiani

The famed singer celebrated Eidul Azha with a lot of excitement. Besides all her trendiest pictures, we can’t get over this adorable one:

Blast from the past! Doesn’t this throwback picture remind you of the good ol’ days of pop music?

Here is another iconic moment she shared:

4) Azfar Rehman

We are hoping this is “just a phase” for the actor but Azfar, “why so serious?”

A break-up, maybe?

#s? still wondering!

5) Sohai Ali Abro

The young actress is riding high on success with not just one, but two hits this year. She, along with Mehwish Hayat, is also in the US to promote JPNA.

Here she is looking pretty as a picture at the film’s New York premiere:

Would you have guessed this petite lady has such a ravenous appetite? We wonder where all this goes:

Another Priyanka Chopra fan:

6) Shahroz Sabzwari

We love Syra and Shahroz, but when she attended the LSAs without her dashing husband by her side, we couldn’t help but wonder where he was!

Before we tell you what kept him busy, this adorable picture of his little one on Eid is something you can’t miss:

Shahroz is currently in Murree, shooting for his next TV project:

The name of the upcoming serial is yet to be revealed:

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for more celebrity updates next week. Ciao!

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