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Failure to act on gun control is ‘political decision’: Obama



WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama warned Friday that failure to act on gun control was a “political decision” and vowed to keep pushing for reform after America’s latest mass shooting.

“Our inaction is a political decision that we are making,” Obama said, urging voters to help drive through gun safety laws that have been blocked in the Republican-controlled Congress.

“You have to make sure that anybody who you are voting for is on the right side of this issue.”

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Obama has renewed his calls for legislation to curb gun violence following Thursday’s carnage at a community college in rural Oregon, which left 10 dead including the 26-year-old shooter.

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“Let’s not forget this is happening every single day in forgotten neighborhoods around the country. Every single day. Kids are just running for their lives trying to get to school,” Obama said.

“I think it’s abnormal. I think we should change it. But I can’t do it by myself.”

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