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5 tips to choose the right lip colour for your skin tone

It's easy to choose the right lip colour now.

It’s easy to choose the right lip colour now.

Picking the right lip colour that complements your skin tone is a difficult task. Go for fine wine or ditch the bold colours for a lighter pink, but choose hues that flatter your skin tone, says an expert.

Here is a list of five lip colours that might suit you, depending on your skin tone:

1. Matte purple – matte mauve:


Women with olive skin tone should avoid purple/mauve tones as this will accentuate the yellow in their skin tone a bit too much. Fair skinned women should go for a bold lip look, and women with warmer skin tones can experiment with purples.

2. Deep mauve – semi matte (Gothic):


Deep burgundy and deep mauve shades are for those who play their game strong with make-up. It was very popularly called the ‘black magic’ look on the runway. These shades of lipsticks also play well with characters and festivities because they portray a strong personality.

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3. Pink mauve in frost:


Pink lips give a softer and more girlish feel to any look, so ditch the bold colours for the day and wear pretty pinks. Frosty lips add more shine to the face as compared to matte lips, so use matte make up for your eyes and cheeks when wearing a frosty lipstick.

4. Fine wine:


Ombre or fine wine lips go well on nude skin with a soft blush. This colour has been in trend for long and is here to stay. Endorse this colour. You need not necessarily match it with your outfit, it is just to enhance the radiance of your face. This tone of lip colour can be worn by women with fair to medium skin tones as it gives a good contrasting feel against the skin.

5. Blood red – true red:


Red lips always come in a range of shades, but the classic blood red or true red is the one to go this time. These extremely bright cherry tones on lips suddenly lift up the look. A good way is to match them with the same nail colour. If you are fair or pale, try this cherry or blood red lipstick for a major impact.

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