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What is the Key Component of High School? | USA Today High School Sports

In high school there are two key components, education and social life. Though, which component will help you more in the long run?  Chartiers Valley offers nine periods in a day and the only period you can fully socialize is lunch. The other eight periods are dedicated to education, but after school all students do is socialize. They participate in clubs, sports, or even just hanging out with friends. These actives help you make friends, learn leadership, and teaches you how to communicate with others. Qualities that will help you for the rest of your life.  Education teaches you math, science, and English. Nevertheless we won’t need all those items in our futures. If you end up being a cop you won’t need science or if you become a cook you won’t need to know how to write essays, which kind of makes half of high school useless. We don’t need all the materials we learn for the four years of high school in the rest of our future. I believe the social aspect of high school is more important than the education factor.  I asked twenty different students on their opinion on what they value more, education or social life. The outcome was much different than I was expecting. Thirteen students voted for education, only two said social life, and five voted for both education and a social life.  I didn’t consider having both as an option until the five students explained to me about the importance of both. Jhimier Jones quotes, “Education if you want a good job, but social skills if you want to have a fun life.” After taking this poll I understand more on how people see education as being the most vital part to a great future. I still stand with my former opinion. Social skills that you gain through high school will be a lot more helpful in the long run.FullSizeRender (2)

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