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The Trending Music of Chartiers Valley | USA Today High School Sports

Everyone has a genre of music that they prefer. You don’t just know your genre, you are nurtured into it. People born into populated cities or areas are always around music like Rap, Pop, and Indie Rock. Where people that were born and raised in the country tend to enjoy country. Plus, it all depends on age and what era you were growing up in. Go ask your parents what their favorite music is and then compare it to today’s top genres. Genre popularity can also vary between different school districts.

Looking at the school as a whole it’s easy to tell that a large population of Chartiers Valley prefers Rap and Pop over all other categories. A huge rap song, that’s known and worshiped by almost all of CV’s students, is obviously “Jordan Belfort” by Wes Walker & Dyl. Recently all of the most popular artists in rap, Meek Mill, Drake, Mac Miller, Travi$ Scott, Logic, Future, Kendrick, J Cole, and A$AP Rocky, have dropped albums within the past year. All the new releases have resulted in the growth of the rap category. Pop is always on top of the list because as long as you have a radio in your car, you most likely have listened to famous pop singers like Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Bruno Mars.

The 3rd most popular genre has to be Indie. Artists such as Portugal the Man , The Kooks, and Young the Giant fall right into the Indie category. “I like indie because I love the vibes,” says Leandra McGill of 11th grade. “Arctic Monkeys and Portugal the Man are my favorite bands.”

The rest of the categories have small percentages, but that dosen’t mean they arn’t loved. They just might not be someones favorite. Music helps a enormous amount with school and just life in general. If your favorite genre isn’t one of the most popular ones, then who cares, its what you like. So just keep being you!



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