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Student Wi-Fi in Demand | USA Today High School Sports

Everyone at Chartiers Valley High School has a computer given to them by the administration and tech department. It’s also a pretty safe assumption that nearly  everyone at the school has a cell phone of some sort, whether it be a smart phone or not. To do pretty much anything on a phone, you need to be connected to the internet. See where I’m going with this?

There is a dedicated Wi-Fi connection for the students’ laptops called “CV Student.” There is not, however, an unlocked Wi-Fi signal for students to use on their mobile devices. There’s a demand for it, but the school doesn’t seem to want to give the students what they want.

Many have strong opinions on the subject, however. I asked around, and was surprised to find people who felt so adamantly about having a public Wi-Fi system at CV.

“The majority of students only want to go on YouTube to listen to music or other social websites, the school has the power to see if students are using the Wi-Fi inappropriately” said senior Kylie Johnson.

“There’s a strong possibility the school wouldn’t go for it, but why not? Kids will use their phones anyway–especially if they have a 4G or LTE data plan. It would be a service to the student body” said junior Dominic Piganelli.

He’s right about that. Students are always on their phones, and that’s never been a major disruption to a learning environment. If the school had a free wi-fi signal just like Panera and McDonald’s, I’m sure most of the students would be happy with the decision, and the choice may even gain the school’s administrators some respect from us students.

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