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Former Accounting, Business Law, and Game Design teacher Ms. Kochin was recently moved down to Chartiers Valley Middle School to teach Computer Classes. I caught up with Ms. Kochin to review some memories and her time in the High-School. Ms. Kochin taught in the High-School for seven years and enjoyed her time with students and staff. Trying to get the best perspective of her stay here I asked her some questions about her time here.

Question: How would you describe your teaching experience in the High-School?

Response: “It was a rewarding, but challenging due to the different personalities you encounter and how you have to deal with them. Also working with the different skill levels of students is quite the challenge. In the long run it was a fun, enjoyable time I got to spend there.”

Question: Was the transition from the High school to Middle school easy for you?

Response: “Yes and no. No because it takes Middle School students longer to complete a lesson plan compared to a High School student. Added on to that is I have double the students I had last year. Yes, it is easy because I’m always up for a challenge.”

Question: What were some of your favorite memories within the High School?

Response: “The students that I encountered, I had some sing (Oh Canada) to me. I was able to connect with students and create a good bond of teacher to student. Lastly the best part was teaching content and seeing the lightbulb go off realizing they were commending the material I was teaching.”

Not stopping there we went around to students to see their experiences and memories shared with Ms. Kochin.

James Scalise: “Ms. Kochin was a teacher that cared for her students and made certain that you knew what you were doing in her game design class.”

Dom Piganelli: “Ms. Kochin was a laid back teacher but made sure her students succeeded.

Alyssa Mugrage: “Ms. Kochin was very open about what she expected from her students, she treated all her students with the same respect they gave her.

Hannah Firanski: “Ms. Kochin will always be there for you and help a student out when they need her.”

Ms. Kochin enjoyed her time in the High School and we enjoyed having her impact our lives by the lessons we learned. Thank you Ms. Kochin.

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