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3 documentaries that will make you question what you eat



Food is a routine, a habit, a need that we are all very accustomed to yet we take for granted the most. How conscious we are of what our food is, where it has come from and how it impacts our health is more important today than ever before. With processed and genetically modified food scaling markets world over, it is essential we inform ourselves.

Here are three eye-opening documentaries that will make you see food in an entirely new light.

1) Food Matters

Food Matters offers a startling look into how the food we eat affects us. The ever-popular phrase “you are what you eat” is the strong message behind this film and resonates with you throughout.

Titling the food industry the ‘sickness industry,’ the documentary suggests that with diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes on the rise we are “poisoning ourselves with highly processed food.”

Food matters is a great insight into our food production methods and how they impact our food and health, while also calling attention to drug dependence and the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry.

“What the pharmaceutical companies are doing may not necessarily be in the interest of our population,” says one expert.

The documentary features leaders in the nutrition and natural healing industry, who help uncover the truth about our food and drug industry today. All in all, the film credibly advocates lifestyle change to reverse serious chronic disease.