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VIDEO: A terrific hurdle, and an even faster referee | USA Today High School Sports

Usually a standalone highlight focuses on a single player’s accomplishment. And this one does, too, albeit with a twist: he was eventually upstaged by a game official with some serious wheels.

The player you see pulling off the picture perfect hurdle en route to a big game is Durant junior running back Jake Harris. With a Newsome defender heading straight in and then dropping down for a tackle on Harris, the lithe back instead hurdled directly over him (it was legal because the player dropped down to tackle rather than remain standing up) and sprinted on down the field before he was finally corralled inside the 10-yard-line.

But wait, what was that blur which sped right past Harris as he worked down the field? Is that … a referee?

In fact, it was, and perhaps the fastest high school football official you’ll ever see. It legitimately looked like the unnamed back judge was edited in during postproduction, all while using a fast-forwarded frame speed. Almost dizzying.

So, who was the real star of the highlight? Was it Harris, the hurdling athlete himself, or the Speedy Gonzalez-like official who raced back to cover him?

Why choose. They’re both terrific, and equally memorable for anyone who took a look at the video after the game.

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