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The Lauren Cox Blog: How she got her jersey number, raising awareness for Type I diabetes and more | USA Today High School Sports

Lauren Cox is the No. 1 overall player in the ESPN HoopGurlz 100 and has the list of college suitors to prove it: Tennessee, Connecticut, Louisville, Baylor and Notre Dame. This summer, Cox, a forward at Flower Mound (Flower Mound, Texas), earned her third gold medal, this time with the USA U19 National Team. Now she’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into her world by chronicling everything from intimate details about her recruitment to her everyday life in a blog.

Lauren Cox

Hey guys this is Lauren and I’m starting off my new blog with USA Today this is a sneak peak of my life and what I do on a daily basis so I hope you like it!

I’m actually playing volleyball right now, I’m a middle blocker, and the season is going OK. We lost 12 seniors off of last year’s team so we’re trying to learn to play with each other and figuring things out. We’re in a tough district and we’ve had some tough games, but I feel like we’re starting to play better right now so I’m definitely excited about that.

I play volleyball more for fun because it gives me a break from basketball so I don’t get too burnt out.

I worked out with my club team last week, but that’s pretty much it for basketball since I got back from USA Basketball on July 27.

That whole experience was just great. This was my third gold medal and it was a new experience because I was one of the youngest on the team. I knew going into it that I wasn’t going to have the same role that I had on the U16 and U17 teams so I went into it with a different mindset.

I learned so much just being able to play with the college-level players. I had to get used to the pace of the game and how much stronger they were, but I feel like I caught on pretty well.

It was just awesome to be able to play in Russia for my country and then win gold!

My recruitment is going pretty well.

I’ve met with the coaches recently and right now I’m just trying to get to know them as much as possible and that’s what I’m using the visits for. I feel like when I finish all of my visits I’ll know what’s right for me.

I’ve already taken visits to Notre Dame, Tennessee and I visited Louisville this past weekend.

The visit was good and I had a lot of fun. I had known a couple of the players from USA Basketball, but I also got to hang out with and get to know the ones I didn’t know. We went to a place called Boom Town, which is basically just a bunch of trampolines all over the place. I had a lot of fun with the team and coaches.

The last two visits are in the middle and end of October to Connecticut and Baylor so I’m definitely looking forward to those.

I want to have a decision by the November signing period, just to get everything over with.

It hasn’t been too bad for me; my family and I set some rules up with the coaches about when they could text me so that helped out a lot. I feel like if I didn’t set them up it would’ve been overwhelming.

The funniest conversation I’ve had with the coaches recently was when I explained to them how I picked my jersey No. 15.

So here’s the story: When I was in elementary school based on our last names we had numbers assigned to us and No. 15 was a guy that I had a crush on. That’s how I came up with No. 15. Haha!

I don’t think he knows about this, but we follow each other on Twitter. It’s a crazy story.

I’ve gotta say I’m definitely enjoying my senior year!

The summer went by so fast, but I’m taking everyone’s advice and I’m trying to enjoy everything about this year because they say it flies by.

I think my favorite subject is Anatomy right now because we’re just learning everything about how your body functions. It’s pretty crazy.

When I’m not playing sports I’m usually with my sisters just hanging out or grabbing something to eat or I’ll go and hang out at a friend’s house.

Most people may not know this but I have had Type I diabetes for the last 10 years.

At first I was 7 years old and I didn’t know anything about it so I was always asking why I couldn’t eat certain things. It was really strict at first, but now it’s a lot more flexible. I can pretty much eat whatever I want I just have to take insulin for it. It’s hard being a high-level athlete just working out so much I never know what my blood sugar’s going to be. It changes so much. It’s been difficult, but my parents and I have a pretty strong hold on it.

This is definitely something that I want to do my part to bring more awareness to as I get older. I spoke to a little girl after a game one time and she was in the sixth grade and had it and I was just encouraging her and letting her know that she could still do any and everything that she ever wanted to do and more.

That made me feel great; I hope it encouraged her!

OK switching gears a little bit, I saw the movie The Perfect Guy and I would definitely recommend that one. I liked it a lot. Another one is The Gift; that was really good too.

Alright guys I appreciate y’all reading my blog!

I hope you liked it as much as I liked writing my first one!

I’ll be back in a couple weeks with another one so stay tuned.