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Q&A: Silver Creek’s Seaton adding to family golf legacy | USA Today High School Sports

Silver Creek senior Charlotte Seaton comes from a golfing family. Her grandfather Elliot Phillips played at Indiana University, her mother Suzanne started the Silver Creek program, and her sister Ashley played at the University of Indianapolis. Now she will add to that legacy when she competes in the IHSAA state finals on Friday and Saturday.

Courier-Journal: Was there a sense of accomplishment when you qualified for the state finals?

Charlotte Seaton: I was really excited to get this opportunity to play at state. I worked hard in the offseason, took a bunch of lessons and tried to prepare myself. So all the hard work paid off.

C-J: What part of your game did you work on?

Seaton: I feel like my long irons and driver have been a lot more consistent. We made a lot of different swing changes. That was difficult because your mind knows what you need to do, but sometimes it’s hard to figure it all out. I had to do a lot of practicing at home in the living room, constantly repeating certain parts to get it ingrained in my muscle memory.

C-J: What do you love about golf?

Seaton: Golf can be frustrating when you have bad shots because I feel like I practice a lot but I can’t accomplish some things. But it’s a great game to play with my friends and family, and it’s something I can do by myself and still enjoy it.

C-J: Why did you choose to continue your career at Bellarmine?

Seaton: I just love Louisville, so I wanted to stay close to home where I’m comfortable. And I get to continue to play the game I love.

C-J: What are your goals for the state finals?

Seaton: I’m still working hard to prepare for it. I felt pressure at the regional. I feel like the pressure is off, that this is something I get to enjoy because I’ve worked so hard. But I hope to play my best and make it in the top half of the field.

C-J: As a senior, how did you show leadership in an individual sport?

Seaton: I feel like a team leader needs to interact with all the players, get to know each of them and care for them. My teammates were like my sisters the last four years.

C-J: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Seaton: My whole family has been very encouraging, going out to help me practice or being there to talk to me. I’ve known Coach (Joe) Ledbetter since before I got to high school, and he’s been there for me to give me some wisdom during my career.

C-J: What do you enjoy away from golf?

Seaton: I have two Border Collies that I show. They are trained in agility, which is jumping and running through obstacles. They’re pretty smart, so you don’t have to have a lot of patience. They pick up on things pretty quickly. They’re pretty cool.

C-J: So which would be cooler, winning the state finals in golf or the Westminster Dog Show?

Seaton: Definitely the state finals in golf.

C-J: Since you are undecided about your college major, is it tough for young people to make a career choice?

Seaton: I really don’t know what I want to do right now. I feel it’s something I need to narrow down pretty soon. It’s a tough decision. It’s a big decision for the rest of your life, which is a lot of pressure. A lot of people change their minds. I know some things I’m good at, but I don’t know everything or what I want to do.


School: Silver Creek

Year: Senior

Family: parents Mike and Suzanne; sister Ashley (28), brother Michael (25)

Student/athlete: Charlotte is a member of National Honor Society. She has signed to play college golf at Bellarmine University.

Coach Joe Ledbetter: Charlotte is one of the kindest, most agreeable ladies you’ll run into. It makes her very coachable. She’s always been willing to do what others aren’t willing to do, like in the summer when it would feel a lot better relaxing in the air conditioning. Bellarmine got a great competitor and a better person.

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