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Facebook could be hiding embarrassing information about you for everyone to see

Sectio­ns such as ‘favour­ite quotes’ which haven’t been update­d in years may potent­ially cause a lot of…



Your Facebook profile could be hiding long-forgotten but easily-accessible information about you that could cost you a lot of embarrassment.

The section ‘favourite quotes’, which was once quite popular with Facebook users, has slowly been shuffled about to unnoticed parts of your profile. This means that things you considered cool years ago but do not anymore, may be open to prying eyes.

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The trouble is that there are many sections on Facebook that you may have carefully updated as your likes and dislikes change over the years. However, since the section is not prominently visible on your profile anymore, you may not have changed them. Hence, creating a potentially embarrassing situation that you may want to avoid.

To see the Quotes section, click on the ‘About’ tab and select “Favourite Quotes.”  It may be worth it to have a look at what is written there because you never know when Facebook would decide to highlight those sections.

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This article originally appeared on The Independent

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