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Better scripts: Write to resolve

Moin asks teachers to encourage students to write.

Moin asks teachers to encourage students to write.

ISLAMABAD: A scriptwriter with over 30 years of experience, Haseena Moin, on Thursday gave some quick pointers to teachers about script writing in Islamabad. Beginning from the basics, she spoke about various aspects of different forms of writing but the focus remained drama.

She said a drama script needs to have different parts. “There has to be a starting point, conflict, climax and resolve,” she added. “Today dramas do not resolve. They highlight the problem but do not offer solutions,” she said.

It should educate but in a subtle way, the writer said. “A drama should not come across as a sermon,” she added.

She highlighted the importance of familiarity with human psychology for writers. “Without understanding human psychology, you cannot write about human beings,” she said.

She also laid emphasis on development of characters, saying that a properly defined character sketch is an important part of the script. Its feelings, emotions, thoughts, life incidents and background should be well elaborated, she said. “Readers should feel that the character is alive,” Moin added.

“Writings for children should focus on human angles rather than aliens and animals,” she said.

While specifically referring to teachers, which made most of the audience, Moin said, “Teachers should encourage students to write.” Even in school skits and tableaus, children should be given confidence to write, rather than teachers doing it for them, she said.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, session moderator Khursheed Hyder said, “Media content has to reflect cultural values. The responsibility is huge as it has an impact on society.” Education is a key department and there is a need to train the teachers, she added.

While making a comparison between old and new, the writer said “Now the expiry date of dramas and their characters is of just two months.” Hyder also highlighted formula drama scripts, commercialism, and lack of depth and research in scripts.

Moin later said that extra care should be taken while writing TV drama scripts, as they have an audience of all age groups. “Drama scripts go to homes while other forms of writing like novels go in hands,” she said. “Keep in mind the power and impact of words. Writers should not take risks while writing on bold topics,” she emphasised.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 2nd, 2015.

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