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Mobile phones passenger train on charges of theft

Mobile phones passenger train on charges of theft Rail passengers in cars driven in Pakistan now have mobile phones supported.

Just Imagine if you travel on mobile phones be arrested on charges of theft of state will be then? Recently, an incident occurred in the UK with a civilian.

Forty-five-year-old Robin Li is the artist by profession. He, like millions of London residents travel daily by train. The usual Friday afternoon and ended its work with a friend went to the restaurant for lunch. After he finished eating friends were allowed to return home for the afternoon at three o’clock train. He pulled the charger to sit on the seat and put into the socket attached to the other end of the phone.
It was normal. However, the mobile phone while charging it went through the London traffic while two police officials came to her and taking her seat and put into the hands cuffed.

Meanwhile, he took the cell phone and charger. Lee asked several times to a police official said he is being detained on suspicion of theft. I was surprised to hear artists. Li said many times that he did not steal power, but the soldiers would not hear of it and come to the police station.

Police have been told that the socket was charging my phone, which is reserved for rail staff. He is believed to have committed the theft. The police began to argue that the passengers of mobile phones is facilitated and that the facility is used, not a crime. Lee’s “long tongue” in charge of the police station told him that it’s not theft but a case with the police behavior will be tolerated.

Later on he took charge of the charge under formal arrest, which was protested. When news of the incident reached the media representatives were taken to police stations to stand out. Lee said he was aware of the incident has not committed any crime, because the socket with a warning that he was not only reserved for railway staff. Police have arrested the sheer injustice.

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