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Hit and run case: Salman’s bail plea rejected

Hit and run case: Salman's bail plea rejected I do not like films that feed anti-Pakistan and Salman Khan.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court rejected Salman Khan’s bail application. Yashwant Singh, a local journalist in the hit and run case: Salman Khan turned to the Supreme Court for bail.

And High Court bail court’s decision to issue an injunction that the court ky.drkuast who violated court orders. Adakarku court will also order that the prison authorities offered to rubrugrftary kry.cyf bench headed by Justice H L Watto to complete the arguments of the parties Salman Khan’s bail application was rejected.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan said in an interview that the anti-Pakistan and feed him why he does not like films that do not bear the evil of India as well as Pakistan’s own country do not tolerate evil.
He said the government is eager to fight but they do not send soldiers to shoot himself fighting to eat.

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