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China unlikely to remain silent and motionless competition

China unlikely to remain silent and motionless competition Machining time per person is living in, they tied him during handling routine tasks so that they can not find time to sit in solitude, time to get rid of all the worries drop freeing the mind.

Sometimes there is a strong desire to have a moment when you thought it no mind, no problem, do not ride. Providing peace of mind to pull the past two days, a unique international competition was held in Beijing. 80 people took part in the competition. Participants of the competition was to play any games nor was jogging with his rivals, but he just had to sit silent and motionless, he was allowed to move slightly as head scratching etc.

Mobile phone use was prohibited. Two hours is a radically sits silent and indifferent to his environment, he declared the winner of this unique competition. It was also important for participants to stay calm and not nervous. Contest to see whether or not a person is calm, volunteers were periodically check drknyn heart. Heart beating faster speed than normal symptom of anxiety.

Competition busiest area of ​​Beijing, China World Trade Center was on the highway. Through the space reserved for the participants was a limitation. They were provided with mats for seating. Choosing the winner of the audience votes and judges’ opinion was based. Two hours later, a young student xyaw Shin won the contest. Talking to the media, said his shin feels good to keep busy in the world. In today’s hectic pace of life than the trzhyat ‘slow’ is.

Wang cynbu unique comparison operator holding the most important figures in the intellectual once said that was normal. As human activities have increased again, his life was mechanized.

We say that science has made human life easier, if we consider these inventions have been difficult life. I was so busy that he does not have time to sit idle for two minutes. The purpose of organizing this competition is to draw the attention of the people.

The first competition was held in China, was the first competition of its kind. The beginning of the competition, the competition space-out is called, was born in South Korea in October last year, which was organized this year in China.

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