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Guddu and Sukkur in Sindh on high flood risk

Guddu and Sukkur in Sindh on high flood risk Rebello continuous rise in water level in the dam were opened Splay Airways.

Islamabad: Monsoon rains after a continuous rise in water level in River Indus at Sukkur and Guddu high flood risk.

Express News reported the recent monsoon rains are increasing the level of water in rivers causing Guddu and Sukkur in Sindh on high flood risk. According to NDMA flood precautions to view.

Kala Bagh River, issued a warning to the location of the source and medium flood. River Kabul at Nowshera, Charsadda, Swat medium on the lower river flood. Black garden on the river outflows than 3 million a kiosk at the fountain water emit 4 million 35 thousand kiosk. Indus Chachran 5 million 25 thousand on the wave passing through the kiosk.

Tarbela Dam water level increasing, causing the water level of 1533 feet has become Dam of 3 lakh 63 thousand and emit 2 million 79 thousand 700 kiosk, the dam excess water emissions spillway France opened the emissions from 1 million 35 thousand 200 water level continues.

DCO broken down in the river water capacity of 10 million at the kiosk down the Chashma Barrage water level has declined in prominence. Scattered on the lower Indus flood, free water fountain barrage of 3 million 99 thousand 229 million 95 thousand 981 kiosk kiosk is the expulsion 3.

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