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Sri Lanka won the series as Eid gift to the nation

Sri Lanka won the series as Eid gift to the nation Sri Lanka Series success is our Eid gift to the nation, Azhar Ali.

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka captain Azhar Ali Eid gift to the series declared victory, their access to the Champions Trophy match is important for us, will try to win in the next competition.

He expressed these views in the fourth ODI against Sri Lanka by 7 wickets outstanding success and unbeaten 3-1 lead in the series after talking to the media. Toss Azhar Ali said that you have no control of the team have to work hard, be good enough to take wickets in the first over, he was good enough to pitch.

But we decided to increase the pressure on the rival side, the credit goes to the bowlers who maintained a good line and length. Azhar Ali said, we worked hard in the fielding practice, young players are good enough, they are eager to run out and catches.

In the context of the Champions Trophy match paramount for us and will try to win the next competition, winning the series against Sri Lanka on our behalf for the gift of Eid. Man of the match in the first three matches, Shehzad said in admirably hit the ball, the match followed the game plan in the last series after being dropped under the supervision of the coaching staff’s hard work .

This victory was made possible as a team effort, said Azhar Ali are in the best form of his life at the time, the captain gave us confidence and we will not even try selfishness, all the runs scored I am grateful to God.

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