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Pakistan Railways struggling job candidate

Pakistan Railways struggling job candidate Mailing the request of the railway, which stipulates the candidates encountered difficulties.

Karachi: Pakistan Railways a thousand different posts but with 475 jobs announced in  candidates, Applications by mail to the Department of Railways abadarsal job candidates are directed to send the application deadline is July 24 bruzjmah total.

Candidates say it is not possible to send the application in such a short time, after the Eid holidays agrdrkuast 5 will be sent to the ad was so time will pass lhzataryk be extended.

Railway kubzryah postage to send the request, which stipulates that candidates facing serious difficulties. A request was sent due to the low base a hzarrupy are being spent, the candidates and the terms of difficulty If you can not find a job candidate would hurt urkrzyunyn members of the Railway Department prbhrtyan railway division level and demanded that the deadline be extended.

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