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In old age medicine to develop amnesia victims

In old age medicine to develop amnesia victims New drugs kill brain cell protein ‘Amy Lloyd’ attacked it will undermine,

Even in old age the memory works faster and longer.

That elderly people with memory better than a long and pleasant life would be good. Company experts say that with increasing age when Alzheimer’s disease is precipitated takes a brain cell death and prevent it from rapidly becomes extremely difficult.

But this new drug (civilian zmab) rapid cell death process will help prevent. Medical experts say the most effective drug against the disease SEPT Erie is only useful in controlling the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

In the Alzheimer brain cell killing protein drug, Amy Lloyd ‘attacked because it will undermine Amy Lloyd begs the brain nerve cells. And rapid brain cell is destroyed. Who had failed but continued on and was now ready to test the drug’s clear that Alzheimer’s could be reduced by 34 percent.

According to one thousand sazkmpny medicine on patients with Alzheimer’s drug trial as the next 2 years, after which it will be used will be brought to market.


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