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World Conference against Altaf Hussain, senior refugee touch

World Conference against Altaf Hussain, senior refugee touch Thousands of immigrant youth in the assassination of Pakistan being the courts of justice are being oppressed refugees.

LONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain, senior refugee urldkanfrns’ hold over the pyrkudn several senior intellectuals, historians, technocrats and different walks of life, from crates mhajrakabryn contacted.

Talking to MQM Coordination Committee members regarding the holding of this conference will be made aware of the contacts dnyabhrsy refugee leaders, intellectuals, writers will participate aurtyknukryts. Talking to MQM Altaf Hussain ugyrqanuny unconstitutional measures against kusbruthml bear with us, but we are confident that God will zrurnazl prapnaazab unjust.

Hussain Sharif, a brave and professional soldier, at a time when Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran borders aurandyaky mndlarhy risks are severe, hy.alauh In dire need of national unity MQM Head Office Nine zyruaurantrnysnl Committee Secretariat in London talking to members of Pakistan Altaf Hussain said that the son of his mother Khursheed Qadri, Hafiz Abdul Rahim Bakhsh oath refugees say their legitimate rights and in the struggle to make their own jayzmqam will last until krtarhun.

Tadm hunger strike against tyranny in such my death if I died, would be evidence of the truth of my kind. Synyrmhajrakabryn Altaf Hussain appealed to the ‘senior mhajrurld Conference to join send your data to zero or London. All senior immigrant who has more than 60 years, writing and reading English may have prabur aursynyr refugees who wish to participate in the World Conference Center MQM headquarters Nine Zero Azizabad your data stored in.

Mhajrurldkanfrns senior members of the United Nations, human rights offices of international organizations and countries around the world to visit the refugees in Pakistan are aware of the atrocities being unconstitutional ugyrqanuny gy.anhun immigrant seniors who wish to further their participation in the conference Name, address, education, experience, contact numbers and other details based on data (CV) mrkznayn zyruazyzabad MQM MQM International Secretariat in London to deposit or e-mail address can send [email protected] peace.

Hussain mhajrqum assassination of thousands of young people are being oppressed, but refugees from Pakistan’s courts nor the courts of justice are being refugees cruelty to stop the atrocities, so no helping refugees from synyrtryn przurapyl The center of the MQM headquarters Nine Zero per alfuraym contact us at the numbers and notes, sworn.

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