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Water levels in the river flooded several villages

Water levels in the river flooded several villages Ghotki protective servants and inspects the water pressure off Schenk has been declared sensitive.

According to the Flood Forecasting Division in Kabul at Nowshera drmyanydrjy flood, water flow in the River Kabul at Nowshera 96 ​​thousand 900 at the town’s outflows being recorded is 45 hzarkyusk, Swat River Panjgora aurdryayy aurdryayy lower in Adezai imaginary flood. Indus at Attock Khairabad seen a slight increase in the water level and water flow kiosk 96 thousand 900 were recorded. The Tarbela, Kalabagh Guddu aurskhr place the lower, medium flood in the spring and issued a warning.

The water flow in the River Indus with an increase Ghotki aurksmurky are dozens of villages were flooded. Ghotki protective servants which water pressure is growing on the administration qadrpuraur Shank declared sensitive. And of failing choked off most of the flooded thousands of acres of cultivated sugarcane, cotton and bean crops have been destroyed, 25 of the elongate, Durrani seal 20, and 10 villages were flooded are Ghaus Pur, water More than move off fears flooded several villages.

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