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Israel passed laws to those who threw stones

Israel passed laws to those who threw stones Palestinian demonstrators threw stones against the law crackdown.

Jerusalem: Israel’s parliament has passed a new law under which threw stones at cars to 20 years imprisonment.

According to foreign news agency Israeli parliament has approved a new law, the law of Parliament that voted in favor, 17 against 69 members voted for the new law, a person under 10 years sentenced to stoning will be sentenced. Besides, it was proven that someone wanted to harm someone through the stone, and she would be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. The new law says that Israel threw stones uzyransaf aylt sakd the “terrorist” and to dissuade them from doing so is the need for punishment.

The new law does not injure the stones in person, his punishment was 3 months, unarmed Palestinian armed most common turprjdyd throwing stones during a demonstration against Israel, and also the security vehicles lyyasrayyly prpthraw to prevent this law is approved.

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