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Imran Abbas became the prince of Bollywood

Imran Abbas became the prince of Bollywood Mumbai: TV Umarov Bollywood actor Imran Abbas re-entry, but this time he is a Muslim who lived in the hearts of the audience will win kusss.

Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corp. said Imran Abbas, a Muslim prince’s role in the film are Nissar, the film is the story of the 1857 war of independence. I was told that British Muslims and Hindus were differences. Nissar August 7 different countries of the world including India, however, is the effort that is being released in Pakistan Nissar premiere of the film because it is related to both Pakistan and India.

The actor said Nissar director Muzaffar Ali, who earlier ‘Umrao Jan pay, have created the classic film. Mzfraly not had the opportunity to learn from and work their way because they have very different dance, music, literature and history are well understood.

Imran Abbas said although his true identity to his good TV drama, however, is whether the film or TV drama. The 2 films in India are up to these days they will announce.

The basuky Basu Bollywood film with Imran Abbas’ krycr I did, however, considering his role in the film was subjected to severe criticism.

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